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2008-09-13 11:11:38 by mastersteve

I have decided that I am finally going to finish mushrooms eat shampoo.


2008-05-13 16:31:18 by mastersteve

I dint know people actully read this! I think i'll get mushroms out in the next 1-2 weeks. I thank all who read this. By the way, does anyone play kingdom of loathing or twilight heroes? If you do tell me.



2008-05-12 20:21:35 by mastersteve

if anyone reads this, i still havent come out with mushrooms eat shampoo. I'm busy. I suggest checking out some of my favorites.



2008-02-11 19:19:04 by mastersteve

hi people! i havent done anything so far but im going to submit a audio submishin called mushrooms eat shampoo.its gonna be great. if you havent herd of it , you should try this game called kingdom of loathing. alot of people dislike it but some people do.

if you like it join my clan, Adventurers creed(my name is also mastersteve in the game)